"Government's burdensome taxation and intrusive policies have hurt Washingtonians. As an immigrant from an oppressive country, I know how government can take away personal freedoms, and I am committed to protecting your rights." - Petra Bigea
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Restore Our Basic Constitutional Rights

Government should serve the people. Our individual Rights are the most important thing our government should protect. Government in Washington has overstepped its boundaries. As one of many who lost their job due to unconstitutional mandates, Petra will fight to restore our Constitutional Rights including Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Medical Freedom, Parental Rights and Property Rights.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
- Thomas Jefferson

Demand Excellence in Education

Nearly 50,000 children have been pulled out of Washington State Public Schools in the last year. With 70% of kids receiving an "F" in Math and over 40% failing English, it's no wonder parents are upset, especially at well over $16,000 per child/per year spent using taxpayer money. Stakeholders are not receiving a good return on investment. They must have a say in curriculum and an expectation of excellence.
Much of the classroom time is now spent on politics, rather than academics. Petra will work to restore the focus on preparing students for college and trade schools, rather than focusing on whether or not the child is a victim or oppressor. 
Parents Rights must be at the forefront in our schools. They have the right to make the medical decisions for their own child. They have the right to know what is being taught to their child. 

Petra will fight for Parental Rights, Excellence in School Academics and for School Choice, where the money follows the child.

Build Our Economy

We have all witnessed increases in property taxes, car tab fees, sales tax increases, and more. In Olympia there seems to constantly be a push for more and more taxes: a carbon tax, fuel tax, income tax and a mileage tax, just to name a few. Over-taxation drives some people into poverty and out of their homes. It drives business out of our state.


Petra will fight for responsible government that exercises accountability with our hard-earned money, rather than using tax dollars to simply grow government.

Improved work benefit programs are needed to help educate/train lower income community members to promote self-sufficiency rather than government dependency.

Petra will work for programs that actually help people earn a living wage and help our businesses thrive.

Petra will fight against the outrageous over-taxation we experience in Washington State.

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