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Growing up in a communist country, Petra recognizes what an amazing country America is. The Rights affirmed by our Constitution are what make it special. Many of us recognize some of our rights are eroding. 

Last year, after 24 years of dedicated employment at the same company, Petra was released because she stood up for her religious and medical freedom. She lost her benefits, over 200 hours of sick pay, and her retirement. Petra's story is one of thousands across this state. In Olympia, Petra will be the voice of all those who unnecessarily were fired, displaced and forced out of their jobs due to mandates that go against our beloved Constitution and work to restore our Rights in this State.

Washingtonians have recently felt the burden of over-taxation at every turn. This is driving some people into poverty and/or making it difficult to get out. While some people do need help to make ends meet, the answer is not simply a hand out. Petra will advocate for improved work benefit programs, needed to help educate/train lower income community members so welfare recipients can become self-sufficient, without monthly government aid.

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Education: Engineering Degree in Animal Sciences (University of Applied Life Sciences and Environment, Iasi - Romania), Certified Nursing Assistant Degree (CAN Institute); AA degree in Health Information Technology (Shoreline Community College); Supervisory Development Program (Swedish Medical Center)

Professional Experience: Director/teacher Christian Kindergarten, Vaslui/Romania – 1991-1993; Interpreter/English 1992-1995; CNA, Crista - 1996 – 1997; CNA, Vencor Hospital – 1997; CNA/Medical Records Clerk, Northwest Hospital – 1998-2001; Medical Records Lead, Summit Cardiology/Northwest Hospital – 2001-2021; Business owner/Administrator, Avionics Communication Systems – 2008-2010; Legal Assistant, Ojala Law. Inc. – 2021-present.

Political Experience: Delegate for WA State during 2012 election; Constitutional Rights Activist; Precinct Committee Officer (4 terms); Active in many political campaigns. Ran as a Candidate for this position in 2018.

Community Service: Youth hiking organizer; Dirty needle clean-up projects

Family and Community

As a child growing up in Romania under communist rule, she dreamed of escaping such an oppressive regime. Remembering her mother getting up at 4 a.m. everyday to stand in line at stores for hours in order to get food and supplies makes Petra thankful for what we have in America. Her grandparents told stories of how the communist came to their land and took away all their rights, guns and property. Her great grandfather was even shot in his own restaurant just so the soldiers could eat and drink without having to pay.  

Petra was able to go to college where she met her husband, Victor. He later attempted to escape Romania but was caught and luckily released. They were married their senior year on the day of the Revolution. A year later they both received their engineering degrees. A few years after the Revolution,  in 1995, Petra and Victor were very fortunate to win the very first year's lottery to receive visas to America. What a miracle!

Victor and Petra came to America with their baby and 3 suitcases. Setting down one suitcase to hold her baby, someone stole it. They had no money but managed to find jobs, worked day and night, learned to live on a shoestring budget. and even managed to save enough money to come to the Northwest. Even though they both had engineering degrees, they were not honored here and both went back to school, working their way through to get the necessary education to achieve better jobs to improve their lives. In 2000 Petra and Victor both became proud American citizens. 
Today they own a home in Lynnwood, have a daughter, Georgiana, who received an AA degree from Lake Washington Institute and attended Eastern Washington University, and a son, Daniel, who is serving his country in the Army. Victor is an engineering tech at Astronics AES, Inc. and Petra works as a legal assistant at a Law Firm.

Petra enjoys nature and is a member of the Snohomish County Mycological Society, and her family enjoys hiking, star gazing and spending time together. 
Petra is very active in politics in her community. Like you, she sees some of our rights fading, capitalism under attack and taxation so burdensome that it breaks people. Understanding life without the God given Rights affirmed by our Constitution, drives her resolve to ensure American values and rights remain, and Petra promises to fight for this in Olympia.

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