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Petra Bigea came to America with an incredible immigrant’s story.  She came here with nothing, escaping authoritarian rule.  She joined our schools, joined our workforce, joined us in our politics, but instead of asking our community for help, she asked our community if our community needed help.  Leaders don’t often think of others first or lead from behind.  Our leaders are usually born into it.  Not Petra.  From end-to-end Petra Bigea is the politician with the humility, experience and practicality we all say we want but are too often too scared to vote for.  For the people, Petra is not the second choice.  I absolutely endorse Petra Bigea for the 21st State Representative.


Matt Richardson

Edmonds Business Owner

Petra is as fiery as they come, but when it comes to our liberties and freedoms you will not find a fiercer proponent that will fight to ensure we maintain them for future generations.  I whole heartedly endorse Petra as my  Representative.

Dean Furr


I have known Petra for 22 years. Worked with her for 10 years. Petra will responsibly represent Washington citizens better than anyone else. She will protect rights, promote prosperity, support families and safe communities.

Gary Miller

Petra knows what it means to be an American. She know the difference between there and our nation. She is the right person to prove the American dream is live and we'll. She will continue to promote our city on the hill. Petra you have my endorsement.

Timothy S Hazelo (USN Ret)

We need someone that truly understands the dangers of communism. Our elected officials need to go. They do NOT represent us. Tired of phony lockdowns? Tired of 6$ fuel? Let's vote these crooks out. My vote will be for Petra. God Bless America!

Ed Caspers